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Why Choose ACE Corp?

ACE Corp is a mexican corporation, working with the highest quality standards in the market. Our new automatized facilities give us a much greater production capacity.

Automatized machines

Working with high technology machines, our automatized process let us manufacture more efficiently

High quality standards

Our facilities complies with ISO Level 9 standards and our product has been verified by COFEPRIS. We are also listed in FDA's manufacturers list

Worldwide vision

As a growing company, we work day by day to sell our products worldwide

A brief history about ACE Corp

Founded on July 2020, ACE Corp starts as company interested in create medical devices for protect the people against viral diseasses. By today, ACE Corp is still working to improve with high quality machines, highly specialized coworkers and rigorous standards in every process.


ACE CORP aims to contribute to the reduction of viral contagion diseases, manufacturing disposable medical equipment of the highest quality in the market.


Expand our business and product line to be the number one company in the market, guaranteeing the safety of our customers through our products.

Values and philosophy

As a growing company, our philosophy it's based in the development of our coworkers, innovative machines and production process, high quality standards and the dinanism that the actual situation requieres.

Facemask Produced


Production Capacity (per week)

Storage Capacity


In ACE Corp, we are prepared to satisfy our clients requirements. This is are the services we can offer to you or your company

Retail Sale

Buy our products for your personal use or for your family. You can find us on Amazon, ClaroShop or contact our sales department.

Wholesale Sale

Buying our products as a wholesaler, we can offer a competitive cost and support to your business.


If your company it's looking to buy personalized devices, we can offer you a strategic alliance that would benefit both parts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In ACE Corp, we understand that you may have a lot of questions about us. This FAQ section is made to answer those questions so you can know more about us an our products


In ACE Corp we are ready to answer any question you would have. Please, send us a messages and let us know more about you


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